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Unique id/year of acquisition: 9/97
Name: Titan Card
Titan Card
Titan Card
Other nos on object: 221660, 02 (on front) 578, GPC 1578,2 (on rear)
Inscription: TITAN(on front, on green tape)
Dimensions: 127x115x12
Description: Titan card, containing around 60 components, all of which have individual numbers and/or colour codes. One edge is slightly concave and along this edge, on the rear, are a row of gold-coloured contacts.
Class: computer
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This is one board from the Titan which was essentially a slightly cut down Atlas. The Atlas was made of boxes each of which had fifty such boards in, and altogether there were about 10 to a rack and 3 racks in the case of the Titan. It illustrates the circuit techniques of the time - we used standard transistors, individual diodes, individual resistors, in other words transistors had come in but integrated circuits hadn't. And there was a plug in and so there was interchangeability of parts and you could readily repair the machines without particular difficulty and the boards were made automatically by floating through solder and inserting the elements. There were a fair number of different boards on the Titan and they were numbered according to the colour code. That's really all we can say. Typical board might have a NAND gate or two NAND gates of 4 elements, so the extent of the integration was not very large.
Q:When did Titan come into use?
DW: We spent about a year constructing it. 67 ? Put a query and check back.
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