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Name: Double Brunsviga adding machine
Double Brunsviga adding machine
Other nos on object: NOVA 13Z 153956
Inscription: Brunsviga-Maschinenwerke Grimme.Natalis & Co. A.-G. (front), Mathematical Laboratory No 21 (rear)
Dimensions: 420x225x160
Description: Black metal box, carrying handle on right side. Various knobs and switches, numeric registers. In two groups, left and right array of similar components
Class: calculating machine
Machine: n/a
Condition: fair, dirty
DW: This is non-working double Brunsviga which was designed by Brunsviga to perform calculations with complex numbers. It was possible to have a number set on these switches and on these switches and by rotating the handle you could either add both in their respective accumulators or else add this and subtract this. There are the usual levers for clearing registers. The carriage at the bottom shifts when it's in working order but not when it's jammed as it is now . It is possible to set the numbers into the accumulators directly, but basically this is just two simple Brunsvigas coupled together so that you could add into one and subtract into the other or add and add or multiply two separate numbers by the same multiplier. These were used for doing calculations with complex numbers - I think the Lab had only one of these which was available for use for those desiring computations and complex numbers in the 30's, 40's and early 50's.
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Type: Brunsviga Doppel Nova 13Z
Year: 1929
Produced by: Grimme, Natalis & Co. A.G. Braunschweig
It was particularly useful for calculation of (x,y) coordinates.
See also: 14/97

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