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Unique id/year of acquisition: 36/97
Name: EDSAC II chassis
EDSAC II chassis
EDSAC II chassis
EDSAC II chassis
Other nos on object: 2(label)
Inscription: "EDSAC II CHASSIS 2 No 12" on front
Dimensions: 1000(approx)x180x94
Description: Grey metal rack. Upper section with space for 60 "Brimar" or "Mullard" glass valves, not all identical, many missing. Lower section with components, resistors etc. Front painted red, with handle connected to rod running whole length terminating in large screw at rear. Rear has large number of sockets.
Class: computer
Machine: EDSAC II
Condition: poor
DW:This rather bulky unit is one big part of the arithmetic unit of EDSAC 2. It contains about six one bit register and adder, a complimenter, and connections to the rest of the machines. The arithmetic unit was made of 41 identical units and a typical register would consist of one double triode each gating unit to it took another double triode and there is a double row of valves along the top. The components are underneath, the unit was cooled by a sideways airflow and this allowed for easy maintenance because if a unit failed it could be replaced by screwing and unscrewing this rather large screw at the end and this big socket or plug at the far end. In those days it was exceedingly important to have reliable contacts on plugs and sockets. These were quite good partly due to the fact that they were positioned exactly by the screw and forcibly forced in.
Q:This was made here in the Lab - is that right?
DW:This was made here in the Lab - I have forgotten how many we made - there's 41 in the machine and probably 2 or 3 spares and this was the bulk of the computer. This is one bit of the arithmetic unit. I think that was one of the bits that control possibly for magnetic tape or various other miscellaneous functions. All the machine plugged in unlike the original EDSAC, which only the valves plugged in otherwise the chassis were wired in permanently but this did allow for ease of maintenance.
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