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Unique id/year of acquisition: 27/97
Name: Plessey core self test unit
Plessey core self test unit
Plessey core self test unit
Other nos on object: Type 1000, Serial 1107, another number unreadable (all on label inside case)
Inscription: "SELF TEST UNIT", also Plessey Automation and logo (front)
Dimensions: 486x170x132
Description: Aluminium case without top or bottom. Front contains 50 leds in two rows of 25 (numbered underneath, 0 - 49), 16 square buttons (labelled 2 to the 0th power up to 2 to the 15th power), 3 round dials and several other square buttons (labelled "cycle","fixed freq.","reset","" and "check". Rear has two multi-holed connectors with many wires chopped off and protruding. Workings visible inside, clusters of boards and components behind front face, most of the box being empty. Box has flanges either side to allow mounting in a rack.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This box was part of a Plessey core store. This was one of the control panels and the core stores had a self test facility whereby you could read in ones or zeros to every place in store and check that the information was maintained. This was for the engineers - some of these were quite elaborate - I'm not quite sure how elaborate this was. They could supply random numbers to put in the store - I suspect this threw noughts and ones in simple patterns at the store.
Q: And which machine would this be used with?
DW: This would be used with the core stores on Titan. The front panel is rather more carefully engineered than those in the Lab. The number of components inside is not very large.
See also: 13/97

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