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Unique id/year of acquisition: 23/97
Name: Titan magnetic disc
Titan magnetic disc
Titan magnetic disc
Other nos on object: 105826-3 (centre of disc), 1824 (serial, centre of disc)
Inscription: "Data Products Corporation" (faded, centre of disc)
Dimensions: 786x786x20
Description: Magnetic disc for Titan. Brown metallic disc with silver metal hub screwed to centre, with a small (75mm diameter) hole in the centre. Central hub is marked with fingerprints, disc itself has a number of scratches.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This is a magnetic disk supplied by Data Products for the Titan and we note that it's relatively large and the entire unit was made of 16 or 32 of these. They utilised moving magnetic heads similarly to today's disk drives. This was the bulk memory for the Titan and stored quite a large amount of data for the days. It stored data in 512 word blocks like a magnetic tape. Products like this were subject to destructive contamination in those days. If the magnetic head touched the surface it scraped off magnetic particles which then came between the heads of the disk and caused more particles to be created, thus leading to a catastrophic destruction of a disk. This happened occasionally.
Q: Were Data Products an American company or a British one?
DW: Data Products were an American company who specialised in printers and disk stores, located in LA.
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