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Unique id/year of acquisition: 21/97
Name: Titan tape head
Titan tape head
Other nos on object: 17768 (serial number, side of head), 7 (on old tag)
Inscription: "Potter" (side of head), "TITAN TAPE HEAD" (side of head)
Dimensions: 350x54x37 (including wires and plugs)
Description: Titan tape head with two sets of wires in black plastic casing, attached to two 50-pin plugs. head itself is a bronze-coloured metal block, set in a silver metal casing. From one side of this casing come two sets of wires which are attached at the other end to two multi-pin plugs, made by Canon, labelled A and B. The plugs are rusty and coming apart.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: fair
DW: This unit is the magnetic heads used to read the Titan one inch tape which was identical to the Atlas tape units. It has 16 tracks across the tape and 2 clocks tracks and the information stored in blocks of 512 words and this was just the magnetic head part of a magnetic tape reader and writer for the Titan.
Q: Who would this have been made by? Or was it just made internally?
DW: I'm not sure who it was made by but these units were identical to those used on the Atlas, so the same manufacturer would have made them. It was made by Potter Instruments in the USA.
See also: 12/97

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