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Unique id/year of acquisition: 20/97
Name: Titan B core store control panel
Titan B core store control panel
Other nos on object: 6(on old tag)
Inscription: "TITAN. B-STORE" (front, on green tape)
Dimensions: 314x179x74
Description: Engineers control panel for B core store on Titan. A grey metal panel contains four fuses (two of which are missing), each of which is alongside on adjustable knob. Above these is a meter with scales for both Volts D.C. and Amperes D.C., made by Anders Electronics Ltd., London. To the left of the meter is a knob which rotates to 5 different settings. All the fuses and knobs are labelled. The rear of the panel is open showing the components to which knobs on the front are connected. The panel is slightly dirty.
Class: memory
Machine: Titan
Condition: good
DW: This is the control panel for the B-Core store on Titan. It was used by the engineers to adjust the biases and test that the registers were all working. The users didn't see this, but it was part of the engineers equipment.
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