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Matching on query: Unique id = 126/99, Name = any, Associated machine = any, class = any

Unique id/year of acquisition: 126/99
Name: paper tapes (2 boxes)
paper tapes (2 boxes)
Other nos on object: none
Inscription: none
Dimensions: n/a
Description: Two boxes of many 5-hole paper tapes. Tapes are mostly white but some blue, green or red. Some are in boxes with labels, eg H5, F2 MASTER etc. Tapes also appear all to have written labels
Class: other
Machine: EDSAC I
Condition: good
Codes refer to library subroutines. coloured ones later, some may be EDSAC II
See also: 64/97
See also: 81/99
See also: 96/99
See also: 100/99

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