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Unique id/year of acquisition: 1/97
Name: EDSAC I log book
EDSAC I log book
Other nos on object: none
Inscription: Copy of EDSAC log 1949 (front cover)
Dimensions: 297x209x17
Description: Bound book, green front cover
Class: documentation
Machine: EDSAC I
Condition: good
DW: This is the copy of the EDSAC 1 Log book. It was started I think on May 6 1949 and was almost a commencement of practical Computing. It did in fact print a table of squares and the programme was completely automatic. In other words the programme was read in from punched papertape, did a little computation of two minutes thirty seconds and then printed out the results on a teleprinter and the whole was automatic apart from pressing the start button. The machine had actually been working and been commissioned before then but no records were kept and so we can't give any authentic dates.
Q: Who would have written the log ? Would it have been the operators ?
DW: There were no operators to start with. It would usually be the engineers or the users who would fill it in. It started with a very informal system and the proper computing probably didn't start until about three months later, although it was used for quite a number of problems.
Q: Any people in particular who would have written the log ?
DW: Some important names. Some would be by Bill Renwick no doubt, some would be by me, some would be by Maurice Wilkes and various others who were around at the time. I don't think the records were all signed, though I believe some of them are signed.
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