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Unique id/year of acquisition: 107/99
Name: Rainbow logic
Rainbow logic
Rainbow logic
Other nos on object: none
Inscription: none
Dimensions: 440x330x290
Description: Black metal case open at front and rear, carrying handles at front, plastic feet on bottom. rear shows lots of wire-wrapped cross wiring. Inside is 12 cards, all different. Most are labelled, most have edge handles. the card at the right side has 5 coax connectors, a switch and an LED. The card at the left has two 50-way ribbon connectors.
Class: computer
Machine: Rainbow
Condition: good
The Rainbow display was an experimental terminal to support graphical interaction with the Cambridge Distributed System. It is built around one of the Motorola 68000 computers that were also used in the main processor bank. This has two peripheral controllers based on 6809 processors, one a standard ``Type 2'' system controlling the ring interface and the other handling the keyboard, mouse and tablet. The second crate contains the display hardware itself. This consists of a bit-slice micro-controller built around AMD 2901 chips, 64k 16-bit words of video memory and an output pipeline that assembled a video signal in real time for windows stored in different parts of the memory. (BCS Technical Award 1985 to N.E. Wiseman.)
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See also: 106/99

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