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Unique id/year of acquisition: 139/00
Name: Fairisle switch crate
Fairisle switch crate
Fairisle switch crate
Other nos on object: none
Inscription: none
Dimensions: 480x480x265
Description: Grey metal crate. Inside are 14 cards. 10 of the cards appear identical from the front, deaturing a 9-way D -type connector, a small switch, a socket, 2 BNC connectors, 1 yellow, 4 green and 4 red LEDS. " cards are smaller with a white front and one BNC connector. There is a card at one end with an illuminated switch and a dial (power), there is a card in the middle with two sockets, a green LED and a small switch. There are several cables still plugged into the BNC connectors, some with blue and some with red ends.
Class: network
Machine: Fairisle
Condition: good
Crate containing several cards making up 2 Fairisle switches

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